This is the most erotic thing I’ve shared ever so far. If you like my little lingerie pics & clips today, you’ll love this video 🖤 In this 2:46 video, you get a complete view of my nips through the super sheer fabric of my bra, as I slowly trail and tease my fingertips across my skin, playing with and pinching my nipples as I turn myself on, tugging them through and underneath the barely-there bra. I can’t resist wiggling and grinding my hips as my fingertips trail below the belt and touch the most intimate edges of my curves and kitty many, many times through the silky smooth satin of my panties, and teasing all along the edges of my most sensitive spots and indulging in the sensations. Enjoy!

This video is the longer, more devious version from the preview on my feed May 12, 2020


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Video – $23


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