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Harness your sensual power to effortlessly infuse pleasure and erotic energy into every aspect of your life.

Inside, you’ll learn how to…

  • Apply a deceptively simple yet powerful 4-step practice to embody grounded self-love and confidence
  • Tap into my self-care toolkit to build your own personalized practice and stay centered, connected, and empowered through dark times
  • Instantly transform your energy and align with your erotic radiance through a delicious sex magic practice to manifest your dreams and maximize pleasure

meet the author

Hi! I’m Lorrae – sex, dating, and love coach and the founder of Slutty Girl Problems. Over the past ten years, I have committed myself to reclaiming the word “slut” and helping women feel less shame and stigma around their sexuality.

Our sexuality is natural, normal, and shouldn’t be taboo. Yet our culture often judges, shames, and blames us simply for showing up as our authentic selves, and the sexual beings that we are. As I’ve taken a deep dive into my own self-love and sexual empowerment journey, I’ve learned that we have so much more power within us than we realize or give ourselves credit for. While navigating mental health and the effects of trauma, I’ve learned to build resilience within myself and unwrite the stories that kept me once kept me stuck in old patterns.

I believe that when we have the tools to rise above our challenges, we become empowered in every aspect of our lives – far beyond sex and love. The keys to unlocking the connection, pleasure, and life you crave are already inside you – all you need is a roadmap to get you there, and guidance to light the way.

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