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Consciously reprogram self-limiting stories and beliefs to get unstuck from your subconscious and live life by your own rules


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Hey babe,

Let me know if this resonates with you…

I used to feel SO stuck in my own self-defeating stories and shame

Repeating the same patterns in love, dating, and relationships
with no effing clue how to fix it

I felt stuck, like I had been conditioned to be and act a certain way to please everrryyyyone around me

Rather than authentically showing up for myself, living life by my own rules

The empowered self I truly wanted to be, became just a little voice, yearning to be expressed

Waiting to be set free
to come out and play

My mind was too busy performing for everyone else to access my heart’s truth, let alone embrace it

The shame and stories I’d heard growing up replayed in my mind…

  • What my vibrant sexuality, my kinks and desires, meant about my character…
  • That I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, “put together” enough to go for what I really wanted in my career…
  • The myth that emotionally conscious, connected relationships don’t actually exist…
  • The lie that I was too emotional, too complicated, too wounded, too difficult to be loved…

All these messages – inherited in childhood and reinforced in misaligned relationships – were replayed in my own mind, until they were so second nature that I believed them to be true

I failed to see the actual reality that was right in front of me

all the ways that my desires and pleasure were powerful and connective

all the ways I could use my creative and empathic gifts to support others

all the vibrant relationships yet to be discovered, while I was consumed by fixing those stuck in old paradigms

all the ways that my emotional depth and variance was a gift that would be cherished by those who could hold space for the raw humanness of my expression

Stuck in those old thoughts – I realized that I was basically replaying lies….

That I was letting my fears, doubts, and insecurities run the show….

And that I was destined to live the same unhealthy relationships, unsatisfying sex life, and monotone disempowered life, if I kept thinking and believing the same beliefs

And I wanted noooooo part of it anymore

I was determined to figure out how to stop it

I realized I need to get out of my own way to rewrite a new story

create new patterns that would actually SUPPORT where I wanted to go, rather than keep me stuck where I was

And as I discovered the ways to unwrite everryyythinggg that was holding me back

(All the fears I wasn’t good enough)

(All the perfectionism)

(All the disbelief in what could be possible)

(All the criticisms echoing in my head that had become my own self-talk)

I realized I could use those paradigm-shifting tools to align me with everything I wanted in my life


The career

The love

The health

The relationships

The sex


It was like a home makeover show came into my brain, gutted the kitchen, and remodeled

Excepttttt it was me

I was my own home makeover show

Tearing out the old foundations that weren’t supporting me at all – and definitely weren’t bringing me where I wanted to be

And rebuilt with allll new thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that I consciously chose myself 

Not the old, outdated wallpaper and linoleum someone picked in the 50’s

This course walks you through the 5-part system I’ve personally used to consciously reprogram my subconscious – to rewrite new stories that empower me, instead of keep me stuck

It’s full of foundational practices in overcoming shame and subconscious blocks to live life by our own rules, and reprogram our minds to drive us toward everything we want

And it’s full of extra bonuses, community support, and added insights along the way

It’s the intersection of psychological magic and emotional magnetism…

combining the science of unwriting shame and stories with powerful tools to compassionately release and heal

All while being seen, witnessed, held, and supported through your transformation

With guidance and understanding from someone who’s been there before (🙋‍♀️)

You deserve to feel vibrant, expansive, free

You deserve to let go of what others might think, to make decisions from your own alignment

You deserve to feel confident and secure in yourself and your abilities

You deserve to have the relationship, sex life, love, career, etc, ev-ery-thing that you want

Yes, allllllllll of it

AND you have the power to create it.
To unwrite all the old patterns and stories passed down to you and reinforced

Alllll that inherited shame

And create a new epic AF Million Dollar Listing

(aka, the badass future you want)

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Your breakthrough bundle includes:

A virtual course portal with 7 total recorded video lessons to support subconscious shifts and nourish your soul


Two in-depth video lessons demystifying the nature our subconscious and unraveling sources of shame (65+ mins)


A powerful 5-part system to reprogram subconscious patterns with conscious re-wiring techniques (130+ minutes of video)

A guided audio meditation to release blocks and call in your inner empowered essence

8 PDF’s with explorative journal prompts and supportive practices to probe your programming and create new pathways to pleasure

A supportive, private FB group to deepen your journey with community support, answers to your questions, and powerful reflections

Plus powerfully potent bonuses…

A live kickoff and intention setting FB Live on June 15th (also saved in the group)



11 days of day-by-day insights for each lesson, weekdays from June 15th to June 28th in our FB group

A live full moon ritual to support subconscious release on June 24th (and recorded)

A live Q&A call to answer your questions and deepen your integration of this powerful work on June 28th (and recorded)


2 bonus pre-recorded videos exploring how to use the moon’s cycle to alchemize our desires, and how the planets are supporting these transformations globally right now (total time: 45 mins)

The original recording of my Step Out of Shame live workshop on Zoom, which includes added community insight and examples

Customized Coaching

Sink into nourishing personalized support at any time throughout your journey. Add on a 1:1 coaching package or individual clarity call at a discounted rate through June 28th.

This package includes…

  • Your choice of three or six 1:1 coaching calls with me to personally support your journey
  • PLUS daily voice support on Voxer throughout a 6-week supportive container
  • And, coaching calls can be recorded so you can re-watch at any time

Coaching program is $555 for 3 calls or $999 for 6 calls 

*One-time clarity calls are discounted to $175 for babes in Subvert Your Subconscious through June 28th. 

ready to subvert your subconscious?

You’ll get access to allll bonus material and PDF’s right away, as soon as you sign up! SYS 5-Part System Practices launch June 7 

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What Other Babes Are Saying

Hey Lorrae, I just wanted to let you know that I just did your workshop via the replay, and it was perfect for this Sunday evening. I feel like it was so healing and I loved the journal prompts you gave too. Especially with this week ahead with the election, and us going into a second national lockdown here in the UK, I feel like I really needed this workshop and practice to feel more grounded. Thank you so much for creating such a lovely and mindful space. Can’t wait for the next session already! Xxx

Suyin Haynes
Senior gender + culture reporter for TIME

“I had a conservative upbringing that shaped the way I view love, sex, relationships, and myself. Working with Lorrae has been so very exciting for me because she has helped to illuminate the subconscious scripts that I had written for myself, and I’ve realized that my past does not own or define me, and doesn’t have to determine my future. Our sessions have helped me to understand what I crave from relationships (sexual and otherwise), and I no longer feel judged or shamed for my preferences. Instead, I am validated, valued, and able to honor my own truth so that I can lead an authentic life.

– Jenna

I’ve recently been on a journey of self-discovery, deepening my understanding of how I define love, pleasure, passion, and intimacy, yet have found I am too intimidated to explore the more “taboo” aspects of my sexuality further. Lorrae has helped normalize my perception of those desires and has empowered me to let go of stigma and shame so that I can confidently show up and embrace my true self. Every session has been aligned with the growth I am experiencing in radical self-acceptance and self-love. My relationships have been transformed by my new ability to openly accept and explore my desires and helped me create new connections I did not think were possible.

– Megan

In every single interaction I’ve had with Lorrae, I’ve experienced her innate wisdom and genuine desire to help me and all women step into and harness our power. Her approach to coaching is both relatable and introspective; in every session, she equips me with the specific tools and guidance I need to clarify the fears, blocks, and insecurities that have stalled growth in my life or made me afraid to go for what I want. Working with Lorrae has been the cornerstone of the huge shifts I’ve made in my personal transformation, and I can finally say that the life and love I have always desired no longer feels like a distant, foreign dream. It’s right at my fingertips.

– Manisha
Marketing Strategist


How long do I have access to the material?

Forever!! For real. You’ll get access to the entire bundle (video lessons, guided meditation, PDF’s) right away. Plus, access to all the bonuses and an invite to the private FB community

I’m not sure what’s holding me back yet. Is this class for me?

YES! Our subconscious is often sneaky and the ways it holds us back are subtle… that’s why it’s not our conscious awareness. If it was, it’d be much easier to unravel! These lessons will help you to understand the nature of subconscious stories, blocks, and shame (where they come from, how they’re formed and fueled, and how to recognize them) so that we can bring them to our awareness, and once we do, make shifts to new frameworks that we consciously choose to support the vision we want to create in our lives. You don’t need to have it all figured out… this class is here to help you 🙂

I’m single. Is this course for me?

This powerful work is for EVERYONE. Our journey to rewrite the subconscious blocks, stories, and shames that keep us stuck from tuning into our erotic alignment can be done at any time, any place, in every moment. It’s truly part of our life’s healing work and re-alignment. This work is most powerful and potent when we examine all of our innermost thoughts and blocks through our own energetic containers, and then bring our new awarenesses forward to be witnessed and held with compassion (whether that’s in coaching, with a nurturing community, a supportive friend, or deeply aligned partner).

I’m in a relationship. Can we take it together?

You can move through the lessons solo or with a partner, though I recommend doing your own inner processing solo through journaling, meditation, and reflection – and ensuring that any energetic space between you and a partner is strong enough to hold deep, emotional work safely and with tenderness and compassion, before bringing those deepest challenges forward. If you feel nurtured, supported, and fully emotionally safe even in your deepest depth, uncomfortable shadows, and most difficult truths in your partnership, it can be powerfully healing to be witnessed and supported by your beloved in this work, and vice versa.

I attended your live 60-minute Step Out of Shame workshop, where we talked about shame and subconscious stories. How is this different?

First, yessss! Thanks for joining me live! This workshop expands upon the concepts we covered in class, with 7 pre-recorded video lessons, 8 PDF’s with supportive practices and journal prompts, and a guided audio meditation to take the work even deeper. Along the way, I integrate new supportive practices and more detailed examples than I was able to include in our short time together. You also have the option to add on coaching at a discounted rate! PS. If you attended that workshop, you get this one discounted! Thank you so much for supporting that early workshop. I’m SO excited to share this new course and portal with you. Check your email for the code and reach out if you can’t find it 🙂

What kind of personalized or live support is included with the course?

Mmmm so much! For our June 2021 launch, you’re getting a bonus live element in our private FB community… from June 15th to June 28th I’ll be posting everyyyy weekday in our private group to walk through each of the video lessons and guided meditation one by one, sharing my own insights and answering your questions as we move through this work together. On June 15th, we’ll have a live kick-off call, and on June 24th, the night of the full moon, we’ll have Full Moon Ritual live together either in the Facebook group or on Zoom, to kickstart this potent work! On June 28th, we’ll have a live Q&A call to reflect on the work, answer your Q’s, and support your continued journey as you integrate the lessons

For more personalized 1:1 support, you can book a clarity call or 1:1 coaching with me anyyyytime through June 28th at a discounted rate. Just reach out and let me know you’re part of our launch community! ♡

How does coaching work?

Coaching is where we dive deeeeeep together to support you, with 1:1 calls with me on Zoom either weekly or bi-weekly, plus Voxer support daily. It’s the bestttt way to get super personalized insight and support for every single step of your journey! Our 1:1 coaching calls are an hour long on Zoom, and we’ll connect to explore the right time and day for you. They’re recorded so you can re-watch at any time!

Voice support is through the app Voxer, which hosts recorded voice-memos and texts between us. You can reach out at any time! I hop on to answer once a day, usually in the mid- to late-afternoon Eastern time. So, if you send me a late-night message, I’ll respond the next day. Convos are not back-and-forth throughout the day, although we might be on a roll if we catch each other at the same time!

Coaching packages are designed to be used in tandem with the program to support your journey, and graduated within 3 months max of the transformation investment.

What if I can’t make the live calls?

Everything will be recorded either in our FB group or on Zoom, so as long as you’ve joined, you won’t miss a thing ♡

Do you offer refunds?

This is a fully digital course, and you’ll receive access to all the lessons, resources, and tools to use for a lifetime. Due to the nature of the content and instant delivery, refunds are not available. I deeply believe that this work is powerfully transformative when we commit to the practices and infuse them into our everyday lives.

ready to subvert your subconscious?

You’ll get access to everyyyythingggg right away, as soon as you sign up

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