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Lorrae Bradbury

I used to dim my light to make others happy. I would be less strong, less outspoken – less of the quirky, unique, funny, free spirit that makes me ME – in the hope of receiving more love and approval.

But here’s a secret that I learned through my own self-love journey – hiding your true self is painful and corrodes your self-worth. It feeds on your fear of not being enough, loveable, or worthy, just as you are.

And when you aren’t your true self, you deny yourself the authentic belonging, deep connection, and whole-hearted true love you desire – with others, and with yourself.

But, you have the power to rewrite your story and step into the most empowered, radiant version of yourself.

You can shift your mindset and patterns to develop deep self-love and make powerful changes to create the life you crave from the inside out.

I can help you make that happen.

Hi! I’m Lorrae.

I believe we deserve to feel empowered in every aspect of our lives – and it’s my mission to make sure that happens. My goal is to empower women to create the life, love, and sex they crave – with self-love, conscious connection, and mindset tools to get MORE from life, dating, and relationships

I help women to step into their power with concrete tools to overcome doubt and insecurity, confidently embody their best selves, communicate effectively, and live adventurous, free, and happy AF.

To support you, I combine my degree in psychology and women’s studies, plus nine years of professional experience, with personal growth tools, scientifically proven techniques, mindfulness, and a holistic approach, to help you cultivate joy and transform your life from the inside out.

As the founder of Slutty Girl Problems, I’ve worked passionately to help women live more empowered lives, especially around sex, dating, and relationships. I’ve also navigated sexual assault, slut-shaming, mental health issues, and abusive relationships, and explored non-monogamy, kink, my queerness, and desires that are typically seen as taboo. As I’ve expanded my own sexual awakening and personal growth journey, I’ve deepened my awareness and learned so many tools to overcome the doubt, shame, and fear that holds us all back from living our most empowered, authentic lives.

Now, I empower babes like you to harness your power and fearless self-expression.

I help you let go of fears, blocks, doubt, and insecurity so you can embody your best self and cultivate conscious connection.

The keys to unlocking the connection, love, pleasure, compassion, and courage that you crave are already inside you.

You have the power to create a life by your own rules.

I can’t wait to support you on your journey.

become an empowered babe

Our culture and upbringing shape how we view love, sex, relationships, and ourselves. I help you illuminate those subconscious scripts and write a new story that honors your truth and harnesses your power so you can live a fully empowered, authentic life.

create the life + love you crave

grow deep self-love and grounded confidence

arm yourself with concrete tools to overcome doubt and insecurity

consciously expand your pleasure and intimacy with compassionate communication

create the life + love you crave

A life full of love and pleasure is grown from within. Our desires are sparks that are nurtured, explored, and expanded until they flame our lives with joy. To navigate these deep desires takes inner work, vulnerability, and openness. All of us hope to live fully empowered lives, but we are often too scared to embrace our true selves. It takes courage to show up, imperfect and authentic, every day. It takes practice and compassion to overcome the fears, doubt, and shame that hold us back. Being authentic starts with knowing that you are worthy of love – because you are. As you embrace that truth, you can build true connections that honor you exactly as you are, without judgment. Love and happiness are possible for you. Show up for yourself. Honor yourself. Commit to yourself. Everything you want is waiting for you. You just have to take the leap.

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Lorrae has helped me to deepen my experience of love, pleasure, passion, and intimacy, and normalize the more “taboo” aspects of my sexuality so I could explore them. She’s empowered me to let go of stigma and shame so I can confidently show up and embrace my true self


Working with Lorrae has been the cornerstone of the huge shifts I’ve made in my personal transformation, and I can finally say that the life and love I have always desired no longer feels like a distant, foreign dream. It’s right at my fingertips.


Lorrae has helped uncover and heal old wounds that I didn’t even know were stalling my growth. She has supported me to create a life by my own rules, not anyone else’s, by tapping into my intuition. Her tools have set me on the path to becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be.


Lorrae Bradbury is the founder of Slutty Girl Problems, the Self Love Slut podcast, and is a sex, love, and empowerment coach. She helps women to step into their power and create the lives they crave, with concrete tools to overcome doubt and insecurity, confidently embody their best selves, communicate effectively, and get MORE from life, dating, and relationships. She combines personal growth tools, scientifically proven techniques, mindfulness, and a holistic approach to help you cultivate more joy and love in your life. Her work has been featured in USA Today, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Brides, and many more.

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