Self care & survival. It’s hard to self-care when we’re afraid, and when the supports that once held life in place start falling out from beneath us

For me, the past few days have shifted how I interact with the world – tending to immediate needs, trying to soothe panic as some resources fade, recognizing the supports that are still in place, being grateful for what I have while being realistic about pieces that are drying up, all while being mindful of others’ needs and giving back to the community wherever I’m able

It’s scary witnessing these shifts, the fragility of our system, the exacerbation of existing inequalities, and the lack of support available to those who need it most when the bottom begins to fall out

I’m reminding myself that the fear we’re all feeling is natural. We don’t need to feel ashamed. It’s not “low vibration” or “giving in to low energies” as I see so many “enlightened gurus” now preaching

Fear is natural and adaptive. Fundamentally, it lets us know when we’re unsafe

Being unafraid & promoting a fearless ideology comes from a place of privilege. Many don’t have the luxury to be unafraid. Reality is rapidly shifting, for many more quickly than others, impacting our abilities to simply survive

It’s nothing to be ashamed of

Fear can also let us know that something needs to shift. Sometimes externally, sometimes things within ourselves. Often both

The most important shift that needs to happen is in our society, to support our most vulnerable and marginalized communities – so that when the bottom falls out, when emergencies (personal or global) leave them without the resources they need to survive, they’ll have more societal supports to catch them

It’s not about fearlessness during a global crisis. It’s about having more supports in our communities so that we don’t need to be afraid in the first place

Despite all these community needs, we can still work through our own fears, as we’re able

Overcoming fear is a practice – whether it’s fear from sexual shame and stigma (which I talk about a lot) or acute, global, or existential fears

We have the power to process it, move through it. To remind ourselves of all the resources we still have. To find gratitude even in the small things that give us hope and bring us joy. To self-care as much as we can. Adjust whatever we can to feel safer, more secure, more comforted – even if that’s just by a fraction

We can ask ourselves – What do I need in this moment? What resources do I already have that I can lean on? What can I do to make this moment a little bit better for myself? For others?

This can help us shift from panic to mindful preservation. Shift from shutting down in fear to opening up in compassion – both for ourselves and others

It’s the leading edge to help us be more empathic and supportive of our communities

You can use this time to support others

Even if you’re unafraid, listen to others in our communities. Honor their realities. Believe them, even if you don’t see it yourself

Many don’t have the luxury to be unafraid right now. If you do have that luxury, support those communities however you can